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5 tips if you stick to it, you will live a happy married life



The explosion seemingly came out of nowhere. The Apollo 13 spacecraft was on its second day of travel, cruising easily to the moon. Ironically, the date was April 13th, when the trip instantaneously went from smooth sailing to a desperate fight to save lots of the crew. The moon landing had to be abandoned because it now became a rescue mission. the matter began years earlier in one among the oxygen tanks. Although the tank looked fine on the surface, it had become damaged within. Fortunately, the brilliance of the bottom crew and therefore the astronauts themselves allowed for his or her safe return.

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Problems below the surface eventually show themselves, repeatedly in ugly or explosive ways. one among those problems is once you are married with secrets that you simply are keeping from your spouse. If love, trust, and intimacy are the oxygen that fuels your marriage, having secrets is like putting faulty wires within the tank. The results are often catastrophic. On the surface, it’s going to appear to be your marriage is smooth sailing, but one minute later, it’s during a fight for its life when those secrets magnify. Here are 5 secrets spouses keep that hurt their marriage

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