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Bad choices: the ugliest and funniest tattoos you can ever see



When you tattoo horror stories on your face, arms, body…, providing us with incredibly creaky entertainment for decades. There’s no such scary thing as looking at a mess of horrible tattoo nightmares. Well, I think that we are now full of gratitude that we’re not the ones presented in this article…’ except you are!’ to find out which tattoos have been on the list of the most unfortunate permanent inking experiences ever. Read this article because of It worth it!

“Ninja’s nose”

We all know that the Ninja turtles were so good, as a fantastic animated show. But are they that cool to get it as a full-color nose tattoo? No, we think not. Despite the colors looking quite superb, but the fact that it’s a turtle tattooed on a nose cannot be ignored.

All we can do is hope that it’s a face paint and not a real tattoo, so he could live a nice social life.

“Don’t Forget the Order”

He will never forget it; a Norwegian man tattooed a McDonald’s receipt on his body because he loves fast food. Well, we are sure that MacDonald’s is proud of you and happy for that, and we accept your loyalty to your preferable fast food restaurant. But can you just explain why?

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Certainly, there is a story behind this tattoo. An amazing and tasty meal you don’t want to forget about? Or was it a special day or a moment for you? We would love to know the real story of this atrocious tattoo.

“Doubtful sense

One of the strangest and the only song playlists we have ever seen tattooed in one arm, just wow. But who is listening to some Nickelback in the same sessions as Avril Lavigne?

Is there an explanation beyond tattooing a list of some uncool “nowadays” names in the 90s and 2000s music? Or it’s just like this simple and silly as it seems with no reason/ a story.
Well as you can see now you are the judge because we have already judged his music taste.

“The regretful one”

This person should get an award. It is so funny that they tattooed this particular word wrong. Of course, it could be done on purpose, for the irony of it, furthermore, no one noticed that it’s written incorrect “NO REGRETS” before along time too late.

So the question that we want its answer is; is this tattoo made them known on social media because that picture has been around, so they are happy by being famous? Or do they regret it?

“Sorry Marilyn”

Thank god that she is not here anymore (not alive) to see this. We all know that drawing a portrait is difficult for even a skilled artist. And they are only a few ones who are that good to make good ones. So if they were trying to show the beauty of this amazing lady tattooed; well they just did the opposite.

It’s not about why did he make this iconic artist looks bad, and why didn’t he practice his skills before doing the final piece. But it’s about the scary and ugly face that this person will be followed by all the time. We just want to know, what does the artist think about his work.

“I know my origins”

Well is this the reverse tattoo to the one who tattooed Jesus on the cross? So we have always comprehended this description of evolution. But was it the only way to remind yourself that you are human? And for the first place was it that necessary to tattoo it on your body?

What was the point behind this? Because we are not sure about what he was thinking when he decided to draw it on his body or was once an ape.

“He who shall not be tattooed”

…And shall not be named. It’s like these guys tried to tattoo a “face on the back of your head” making a copy of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. It’s so a scary tattoo that can make even an adult jump from fear.

Living some parts of his hair on the face is intelligent, but not intelligent enough to forgive that you are following an ugly face tattooed in someone’s head.

“Meanless words”

Can you guess from where this man extracted those words? Read it again; so from where do you think? See, they are taken from the screen of your computer when it fails and shuts itself down.

Well here, tattooing computer codes on his right arm; what could be the cause? Keep his attention on his work, and remember to always back it up before he loses everything when the system shuts down?

“Mike Tyson’s tattoo”

Well now let’s talk about a celebrity. This known boxer was famous for being a little ‘different’. Tattooing your face confirms the title of “a bit strange”, because of biting someone’s ear off.

So, when he drew this tribal tattoo on his face, was it to keep away other fighters? Mike your past is enough, so you don’t need this tattoo.

“A stars face”

Have you ever seen this woman on your local news? She became famous all over the world. It’s not about the bad and horrible taste, tattooing all over your face, but it’s about when she blamed the artiste for her regretful decision, and she was sleeping in the chair while he was doing his work. Just tell me who falls asleep while getting a tattoo?

“The neck tattoo”

An acceptable one if you’re part of an ex-con or a gang, we are certain there are some kind ones out there. But it’s not the case for that man because clearly, he did not from these categories.

Is Jeb a real politician? , it seems that they have not been well known to the public so that all of us know them. We think that this person has a friend called “Jeb”, and some say that this joke is about the presidency. Or the tattoo wearer himself plans to run for election one day. However, we don’t think that the tattoo will help him.

“Misspelled one”

Next time before you tattoo check the spelling, this is the funniest one ever. It can be acceptable if it was tattooed in another country where the spelling may be different or where no one speaks English. Mostly when there is a lot of apps or websites that could help us.

I’m sure that there is no excuse to make such a misspelling in a simple word as “courage”. But why didn’t he take a note on his book? , and try not to be shy and ask someone for some help to check it before tattooing it on his body.


“See what happen when you don’t plan ahead”

We’re not amazed that much to call it a “good” try. It’s always ugly and stupid. All that we can say is when you don’t plan here what you are going to face, you will get unfinished tattoos. People are going to be confused trying to understand if you did it on purpose or not.

Nevertheless, we hope to not be a bug and a case of miscounting at all times.

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