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To avoid break up with your partner, here are 8 things you should never say in the relationship



In a matter of seconds what you say can either lift you or bring you down that’s why you should pay attention to what you are saying in your relationship because words are a powerful instrument. We are open to our partners; moreover, they are always touchy to our comments, words, reviews, and our ways of talking which it’s less pleasant. Being with someone you love, you should be clear and know how to say it, few or little words can cause big damage, causing problems in the future days. So now let me show you the 8 things that you should never say in your relationship, in case you don’t want to break up.

“You know nothing”

This expression might have been harmless for Jon Snow, at the same time for us its real creatures, like a bee’s bite. This phrase doesn’t have no meaning-it’s just reduces your partner’s intelligence and paralyzes his self-confidence; this could happen even if you are discussing. “In my view…” this is what it’s bet to say when you feel that your partner doesn’t quite understand the point, make it about you and your feeling, not the other part errors.4

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“We all know that this is not how you do it”

Named by ‘Global criticism’ words like “No it’s should not be done this way. We all know it should be done like this…” is a blow below the belt. Do your best to not compare him or her with other people in the whole world. So here your partner may end up hurt for a long time. Well this is the worst thing ever as it hits your partner fully as a whole person and on different levels.

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Choose Gentle Words”

‘Don’t take it personally, but…’that’s the exact way to be certain that your loved one will take thins personally. If you want to be honest, talk as gently as possible, use nice and romantic words. There’s a fine line among closely sincere and freely criticizing something you don’t like at the other part. Is it something that you should live with as a part of your partner? Or, is it something that will do both of you any good? This is what you should think about.

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“You look fat” 

Stress too much work, lack of sleep, menstruation period,… this what can make your partner fell or look worse, be in extra weight, bad skin, smelly breath. Think carefully and try to find the roots of this thing, because it’s not simply because your partner ‘let himself go’. Also instead of criticizing this, help him to look good and to bring back his/her self-confidence, show your beloved one interest.

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“I don’t Love you”

A lot of things can be said in spur of the moment, but I hate you or I don’t love you should never be expressed out loud. As easy as release it out, the hurt that it causes may stay for long time days weeks or months…so every time you are going to get into an argument. Sometimes we say things that we don’t mean it due to serious fights but we regret it till it’ll be too late to take words back.

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“I’m Busy”

You might don’t have enough time, working talking on the phone all the time every day, but that doesn’t mean that your partner should pay. “Occupy, busy, working…” will definitely hurt his feeling and broke his heart. Ignoring her or his needs will lead to a breakup or bigger crisis when he wanted to tell you or discuss an issue. So if you don’t have time or are busy offer a day or an evening and talk about everything that happen. Now your partner will know that you care about him.

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“That’s stupid”

Be careful to your words when your partner opens up his hurt when she tells you something this is mean that it’s important to her, an expression like ‘ it’s silly/stupid’ will break his/her heart in a way that you couldn’t imagine. Trust is one of the bases of a happy and strong relationship- you need to be sure that you will not get the same reactions as you did to him/her when you pour your heart out! Otherwise things won’t work between you two.

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“I don’t Feel Sorry”

We know that it’s hard to say I’m sorry when we are in an argument. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s the only way to fix things! Admit your mistake that you have been made, or you were wrong or rude or not interested. It’s useless to hold on to your dignity when you should do the opposite and think to your partner. There’s always something you can apologize for. “My mistake, excuse me, pardon me…” a simple word can do miracles for all types of relationships.

happiness, happy life, happy married, lifepartner, love



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