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What is President Trump’s Strategy for Winning Reelection?



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Even his most harsh critics must acknowledge the fact that Donald Trump knows how to get ahead in long-shot elections. So they need to keep an eye on Trump in 2020. Even though early polls from significant companies like Zogby and others state that Trump is not performing as well in the states crucial to his campaign that he must win, it’s still young, and we are all aware of how wrong polls could be. The Democrats are building a solid field to take on Trump. Donald, but to be successful, they need to be aware of his strategies for reelection. The 3 most crucial things Trump will accomplish to stay president in 2020:

Spend a lot of cash

Trump’s reelection campaign plans to spend as much as 1 billion dollars. The campaign has already spent more money earlier than any previous campaign. Trump is determined to win and is pouring in funds to ensure that it occurs. The money can make a difference in politics, and he’s creating a sophisticated reelection machine that includes state offices, advertising, and top pollsters as well as ground teams. Under the direction of the guru of digital campaign management Brad Parscale, the Trump team is focused on increasing the number of red states and influencing swing states to ballot for Trump by increasing data collection from voters and promoting at times of intense conflict and tension. Instead of changing voters’ minds, Trump believes that he could be successful by getting out and invigorating his base. Trump doesn’t need new supporters, but he would like those who aren’t convinced and those who are a fan but do not vote to go to the polls with even greater numbers in the next election.

Donald will make sure to highlight the positive aspects.

This implies that Trump will continue to drive the home run of three major factors: the booming US economy, the foreign policy victories with the victory over ISIS, and his capability to ease tensions between North Korea and toughness on illegal immigration. Trump will also talk about the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, cutting taxes, rescinding his green power plan Clean Power Plan, stepping out of the Iran Deal. Also, Paris Climate Accord that he’ll portray as uninformed liberal “globalist” agreements that provide Americano benefit and put its economy and its people in danger. Trump will be adamant about slamming established figures as “all talk and no action” people who love to critique him but with little to show after all their rhetoric. Trump’s tariff threats to Mexico, China, and others have enraged some commentators; however, they’ve also resulted in positive results in some instances, making countries come to the table and opening the market to more significant US exports. Trump will insist on this and relentlessly slam any person in the media or the political world who isn’t to his side. “I’ve accomplished more in two 1/2 years than any president ever in the United States.” Prepare to hear this quote. There’s a lot. Also, “no obstruction or collusion” and mockery of Special counsel Robert Mueller.

He will decide who he thinks is likely to be the Democratic nomination.

As Trump is mocked in the press for his blunders and snide remarks, he’s a laser-sharp observer in his political inclinations. In recent reports, he’s said that a candidate similar to Elizabeth Warren may be who Trump will vote against. That means he’ll begin attacking the progressive part of the Democratic party. Be prepared for hearing the term”socialism” many times over and listen to Trump mock Warren, Bernie, and others as naive fools who want America US out to an authoritarian style of Venezuela and brutal Green New Deal fantasies.

Trump might not be able to win in 2020 yet, but he’s got an ambitious and well-funded strategy that is already in motion. His adversaries must plan with care and force if they would like to open his way to the Oval Office exit door.

Trump himself doesn’t be able to overcome the odds. Still wringing his hands over Mueller, Trump keeps coming back to the probe and makes contradictory assertions regarding its results.

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