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A woman has no idea why she became famous until she sees the background of her selfie



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This young woman was popular on social media, by sharing her selfie photos with family, friends, and strangers. But one of these pictures wasn’t normal like the majority. It received so many likes, comments and a lot of people interacted with it in one night. So, why this picture attracted everybody’s attention?

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

A dream came true!

One of the old Olivia’s dreams was being famous. She was obsessed with watching celebrity’s news and the lives of American stars. But sometimes, her dreams seemed to be out of reach as a teen living in Middlesbrough in the UK.

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

A Selfie Queen

When Olivia hit her 20s, she had attracted a humble following to join her world. Also, she taught herself how to fix her hair and hit a perfect posture; by watching tutorials on modeling and makeup. After this, she shared her photos on Instagram and Twitter, to prove that she is always that natural girl.
Her friends were calling her “Selfie-Queen.” but what about the selfie that changed her life?

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

Friday night walks

After a long day at work, Olivia left her job earlier than she used and got glammed up for a night out. That night was a chance to wear her most flattering outfit and to put on attractive makeup. She had one goal: to turn heads that night, and why not? She is a young and a single woman.
But what did she capture to become the talk of the town?

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Just dance

An unforgettable night out, dancing out of heart and flirting with strangers, under the colored light the DJ played on her favorite songs with the endless amount of cocktails, Olivia felt unstoppable.

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The morning after

The next morning, Olivia woke up feeling sick; she had a hard headache from the party, a thing that made her regretting her late-night drinks. She texted her friends thought that her day is going to be better. Unfortunately, she had no idea that it was already worse.

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

The background

Olivia tried to share some funny moments with her friends, so she took a selfie and sent it to a group chat. She was still wearing her party accessories and putting on her missy makeup. So to get some extra comfort she pulled on a hoodie without checking it.
She had no idea about what is in the background until her friends noticed that something is abnormal. But what did they see?

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

Just a snap!

The selfie that Olivia had taken and shared with her friends made it clear that she wasn’t happy at all as a result of a heavy night out. She was Looking down at the camera with sleepy eyes in the photo, while she had no idea that this casual snap was about to change her life, because of the unwelcome guest!

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

The snap went viral

After seeing the dark figure in the picture, Olivia’s friends saw the snap, so they created groups all beside themselves.
Her best friend, Grace Graham, shared with us the story on Twitter.
Well, the photo gained more than 47.700 likes and 3.700 retweets, thousands of Twitter users left in disbelief. For some people, this can be their worst nightmare, wearing a hoodie with a spider on its hood!

Olivia’s reaction

Well, of course, you might think that Olivia screamed or jumped from fear, but she didn’t; her reaction was priceless. She didn’t scream or anything like that; she just acted like everything is normal for her.

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Friends Overreaction

Twitter users were so quick to react hilariously to the incident; it seems like that they just overreacted to the unwanted guest. Some users retweeted the picture by adding their opinions in the caption. But was Olivia in any danger or what?

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Spider season

In the UK, finding spiders indoors during the beginning of September is a common occurrence; especially for arachnophobes. This period is known as the spider season, most of it looks for shelter inside the houses so they could breed.

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

No panic needed

Olivia didn’t react as someone scared; actually she remained calm. Otherwise, if she screamed or jumped to take off her hoodie, everyone will blame her!

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

She has no problem with spiders!

A friend asked about her reaction when she saw the spider, she said: “feel fine; to be honest spiders are my friends”; now we can conclude that she has nerves of steel!

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Similar experience

Another user saw her friend’s post and wrote after sharing a spine-chilling photo with a giant black spider; “trust me I’ve been there”; the story is: he had taken a snap without realizing that a spider is crawling along the lining of his jumper.

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Fear of spiders

Some studies said, “As the most commonly diagnosed of all phobic disorders, arachnophobia tops the list.”. Almost 5% of the population suffer from arachnophobia,…, most of those people are women.

Don’t be afraid

There are too many things that we can do to protect our houses from spiders, especially during spider season. Even though the freaking story of Olivia in twitter, you don’t have to panic.

gopro selfiefamousmirror selfies

Tips to keep your house Spider-freE

Some regular basis can help you feel safe, like vacuuming because keeping your house clean and tidy is the primary way to keep it spider-free.
We recommend you get rid of spider webs right away before they breed.
You can also invest in some essential oils like rose, tea tree, as well as peppermint because strong fragrances prevent spiders from working.
An even more good suggestion, it’s better to close any hole you can see to discourage spiders from taking up residence in your home.

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